Call for Applications

Applications are currently closed at the moment. Please check back here for further updates.

In our latest open grants round, for awards of up to £50,000, we funded the following projects: 

Volunteer Centre Lewisham  – Volunteer Ready
A programme of training, workshops and forums that will enable organisations to be better equipped to recruit and support volunteers who are experiencing mental health issues.

Hear Us Croydon – Hear Us Welfare Surgeries
A holistic service offering education, advice and peer support to service users in Croydon struggling to navigate the welfare benefits system.

Science Media Centre – Mental Health in the News
Supporting an independent press office to enable and encourage mental health researchers to engage with the media on key mental health issues. helping secure accurate coverage of controversial, messy and complicated issues.

AutisticaAnxiety – App for Autism
An easily available, evidence-based intervention to reduce anxiety and increase wellbeing in autistic people and providing clinicians with a tool for swifter diagnosis of anxiety.

Time and Talents Association  – Get Out and About! Community Development for Older People’s Mental Wellbeing
To help older people who have become withdrawn due to depression to increase socialisation and build confidence and resilience as volunteers and community leaders and create a welcoming community network.

PsychART 2017 – Celebrating Creativity in Medicine
The PsychART 2017 Conference focussed on participatory arts, and their role in recovery. Workshops were led, in part, by service users who have experienced the benefit of such programmes.

Creative Sparkworks – Voice4Health
A film skills training and employment project that will empower young adults with mental health needs to make short films to increase understanding and awareness in the community about mental illness. Integrated in the project will be paid work placements in the film industry to reconnect participants to the wider community.

Kings College London – HERON-RUN
The project aims to give people with mental health problems who have never tried running the opportunity to do so, with the support of a qualified run coach and qualified run leaders.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust – Self-Monitoring for Self-Management of physical health in people with mental illness
Installation of physical health self-monitoring machines in four SLaM sites to measure weight, height, BMI, percentage body fat, blood pressure and heart rate and provide an instant read out that will be a focus for physical health and lifestyle advice or to ascertain when there is a need for more acute intervention.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, MHOAD CAG and Age Exchange – Reminiscence Journeys
Providing reminiscence training and tools to staff and relatives/friends on two Inpatient services to develop therapeutic reminiscence activity as part of planned care.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, Lewisham Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – A pilot of a Recovery College for young people
A small-scale pilot project to scope the feasibility, efficiency and effectiveness of a training/group work program co-produced by clinicians and service users. It will include groups or courses that are both therapeutic and practical/skills building.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Digital Hackathon for children and young people
Bringing young people and clinicians together with software developers in a process that will lead to two apps addressing mental health issues being ready to trial amongst young people and/or in services.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, Symbol Therapy Team, Lewisham Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Therapeutic Garden
Develop a therapeutic space where young people can have contact with nature in a safe environment, which can engage and soothe the senses and where they can participate in forest-school type activities, facilitated by a community gardener.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust – AdArt
Developing a creative space for service users engaged in SLaM addiction services
, strengthening collective and individual identities, map creative connections within the community, and maintaining solid connections and creative networks while supporting newcomers in the team of AdArtists.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, Southwark Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Neurodevelopmental Service Autism Skills Parent Training Course
Further development of a group intervention for parents of children with autism displaying challenging behaviour, comprising psychoeducation on autism and training in evidence-based behavioural assessment and intervention.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust – The inpatient journey
To co-produce with inpatient staff and service users a graphic illustration and mapping of inpatient care, focusing on ward processes, expectations and experience from arrival on the ward through to discharge.

SLaM NHS Foundation Trust – ECG Interpretation in Psychiatry Inpatients
A project to trial ECG machines in SLaM which are digitally linked to the cardiology Department in Kings College Hospital, allowing for direct requests for interpretation.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not accepting funding applications for research projects. 

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