Changes to how Maudsley Charity is governed

Maudsley Charity, the hospital charity for South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), is no longer governed by the board of SLaM and is now managed by a separate board, combining representatives of the Trust with new independent Trustees.

We continue to fund care, recovery and research-related projects within and outside the Trust as we have always done. These changes do not affect existing grants but there are some changes to the process of how you apply, access and report on your grant.

Why the change?

Our previous model meant the Trustees of SLaM NHS Foundation Trust were also the governing body of the Maudsley Charity. This was the standard model for NHS hospital charities. We are doing this to strengthen the governance and increase our impact.

We have appointed new Trustees who have expertise in areas such as property, communications and law who will support us to increase our resources and make a bigger difference in mental health. Almost all of the larger NHS charities have now moved to this model.

Further detail

The Charity’s Articles of Association and Deed of Understanding (legal documents outlining the framework in which we operate) means we will always recognise SLaM as our main route to patients who should benefit from our work. We believe that our partnerships with SLaM and the IoPPN will grow even stronger through our new way of working.

Our new Board of Trustees includes three Trustees nominated by SLaM who are all Directors on the SLaM Trust Board. While they must act in the interests of the Charity when operating as part of the Board of Trustees, this ensures that the perspective and expertise of the Trust is always present on the new board.

Will your relationship with SLaM and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), King’s College London (KCL) change? 

We will continue to support and fund projects across SLaM and the IoPPN in the same way we have always done; being independent enables us to grow our resources and impact. Our partnership with SLaM and the IoPPN are based on shared goals and ambitions.

Are you still focused on funding the same types of projects?

Yes, we are still funding the same types of projects. As always, we welcome grant applications from across SLaM, IoPPN and partner organisations.

Download our PDF on the changes to the Maudsley Charity